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A breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. We're here to help you regain control over your life and restore confidence in your future. Our application helps you understand your cancer diagnosis and empower you to have meaningful discussions with your physicians about treatment options that are right for you.


We provide treatment guidelines from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and information from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to help you learn about:

  • Your diagnosis
  • your treatment options
  • side effects of treatment
  • timing of your treatments


We empower you to talk confidently with your doctors, employer, caregivers, family & friends about:

  • access to the best care
  • choosing the best treatments
  • seeking second opinions
  • considering clinical trials
  • taking time off
  • sharing family responsibilities
  • managing finances
  • planning for the future


As an informed, engaged patient, you can:

  • balance your treatment choices with your personal goals
  • restore a sense of control over your life
  • build confidence in your medical team, your treatment plan and your expected outcome

How It Works

Our planning tools walk you through each decision you'll make about your breast cancer treatment. We show you a treatment timeline, so you'll know what to expect and how to fit treatment into your ongoing life plans. In the end, you'll create a comprehensive plan that shows when you're on the road to recovery and long-term survivorship.

Based on the Latest NCCN Guidelines

Our application is not a substitute for your medical team and we do not offer medical advice or treatment recommendations. However, the personalized treatment pathways we show you are based on up-to-date guidelines from NCCN, a consortium of 27 of the nation’s leading cancer centers. Your doctors refer to these guidelines when they recommend treatment options.

A Little About Us

PatientsWithPower is a gift to the breast cancer community from its founders who've spent years as caregivers to cancer patients. We've personally experienced the shock of the diagnosis, the free fall into the healthcare system and the stark realization that only the patients and their loved ones can truly decide what's right for themselves.

Knowledge and choices are our only means to navigate life with this disease. We aim to empower everyone facing breast cancer with the confidence to get the best care possible, make the best decisions for their own situation, and achieve the best outcome. PatientsWithPower.

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